Our Idaho

63% of Idaho’s land is owned by the Federal Government, not by Idaho or Idahoans.  Its’ resources and their use are not considered on Idaho’s tax roles.  That means that the tax roles in some of Idaho’s counties are “dividing the load” amongst as little as 20% of the true land owners within their borders.

While this land is permitted for use through leases, easements, and contracts, even those legal means of use are being encroached by special interest groups from across the country, crying for “the public interest” while not even setting foot on the land they are claiming a public interest in.

Ranchers rely on grazing rights and grazing leases to balance and steward the use of their own land.  Business and manufacturing interests rely on their ability to harvest and manage the production of the resources on their lands and leases, providing valuable jobs to Idahoans.

Even on land that is owned outright, farmers are increasingly finding their farmable acreage being reduced by regulations that would prevent them from farming areas that might become wet once or twice a year.

These practices must end.  This is OUR Idaho.  It should be freed from the hands of special interests and political red tape to be utilized by Idahoans.