Our Solution

Regardless of which side of the land-use debate you find yourself on, property rights – the rights of people to freely acquire, use, and dispose of property, is central to the debate.

At the heart of any legal debate are the laws that govern, empower, and restrict the activity in question.  These laws are put in place by our elected officials, and these officials are to be representative of their constituents.  We believe that some in office have strayed from the interests of those they represent, and it is our intent to support those candidates who more closely align with our understanding of the Constitution and the 5th Amendment.

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is America’s chief property rights wall. But like other walls, it must be maintained. At times cracks appear in the wall; new mortar must be applied and stones replaced. Otherwise the wall will fall…

The question is how rights are to be transfered. If the government decides to change the rights, will the existing private rights be purchased, as property rights advocates (and the Constitution) argue they should be, or will they simply be taken, as many environmental activists want?”

– from “Land Rights – Why Do They Matter”,  ecoworld.com